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From: K Ration
Subject: Family Friends - Chapter 35Family Friends
Chapter Thirty-five
Jacks' Third VisitOn one weekend just prior to John and Terri's wedding, Jack and Jackie were
once again visiting Jessie and Judy. Saturday morning, Jessie and Jackie
went shopping with some of their friends while Terri and Judy went over to
John's house. Jackie and Jessie had hogged the bathroom young lolita teen amateur
earlier that
morning and Judy had not had a chance to shower or bathe before she and
Terri went next door. She and her mom hadn't been there long when Judy
announced she was going to take a bath in the guest bathroom. Shortly after
that, Terri and John slipped off to John's bedroom, shutting the door as
they entered. In both of their homes, a shut door was a sign to everyone
that naked lifestyle or not, privacy was expected. Usually this meant
someone was sitting on the commode, but not always.Judy had been in 14 yo naked lolita
the bathtub for maybe ten minutes when Jack realized he
had to pee. Seeing the doors to John's room and the guest bathroom both
closed, he first knocked on John's door."Uncle John?" he said. "I have to use the bathroom." John's throaty reply
was young lolita teen amateur
short. "Well you can't use mine right now Jack.""Then can I ask Judy if I can lolita young incest tgp use hers?" Jack replied. Terri answered for
them, "It's OK with us, Jack, if she says it's OK with her."Jack then nude virgins lolitas nymphets went and knocked on the door to the guest bathroom."Judy, would you mind if I come in and use the bathroom?" he asked. "Your
mom and dad are in the bedroom and I can't go in."Judy was soaking in the tub which had coddled glass doors and was set right
next to the commode. With the doors made the way they were, she figured
neither she nor Jack would be able to see anything they didn't want the
other to see, so she said, "Sure, Jack, come on in."Judy had been day dreaming sexy thoughts and rubbing her soapy hands slowly
all over her breasts, just enjoying the warm fuzzy sensations this
caused. Her nipples were hard and distended and she knew her juices were
just starting to flow. But she figured she could finish what she had
started as soon as Jack left. As Jack entered the bathroom, she left her
hands resting on her breasts, squeezing them gently. Doing this with Jack
in the same room excited her, and yet she felt safe in her assumption that
he couldn't tell what she was doing. She wasn't prepared for him to sit
down though. She had assumed he just needed to pee. They didn't say much
the first few minutes, but when it was obvious that Jack was going to be
there awhile, Judy asked,"why nude little lolita ls couldn't you use dad's bathroom? What were they doing that was so
important?"Jack looked at her image through the wavy glass and said, "Duh! They're
going to be married in just a couple of months, they're in the bedroom
together with the door closed, and they wouldn't let me come in. What do
you think they were doing?"Judy was silent for a minute, then with a gasp and a giggle, she said, "You
mean you think they're doing it?""That's exactly what I mean," Jack answered.As Judy thought about this, she began to rub her hands over her soapy
breasts. Jack couldn't see distinctly through the wavy glass, but he could
tell what Judy was doing. After watching her for only a moment, he felt
himself getting hard and leaned back against the commode bowl to watch his
penis rise from his lap.A moment later, Judy said, "Can I ask you a personal question, Jack?""Sure," Jack said."You have to promise not to tell a soul about this, first.""OK, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.""Have you ever seen another guy with a hardon?"Jack had just reached for his prick and was so startled by her question
that his hand stopped in mid air and dropped to his thigh."Wow, Judy, you weren't kidding when you said it was personal.""I'm sorry," Judy said, immediately embarrassed. "I didn't mean to
embarrass you. You don't have to answer that.""No, that's OK. I don't mind. But you sure surprised me. The answer is yes.
I've seen a couple of my friends when they were hard."Judy was more excited by his answer than she had expected and her
excitement showed in her voice as she asked, "can you tell me who loli kds cp art and what
it was like?""Sure, if you promise not to tell anybody I told you.""I promise. Cross my heart!" Judy responded."I've seen Rusty Riggle and Rex Brown hard, several times in fact. It's
always neat because they each look different. Rusty's sticks straight out
with a real round head, and Rex's sticks up at an angle with 14 yo lolita 16 a pointed
head.""How did you see them that way? I mean, where were they and where were
you?""The first time we were all sitting in Rex's sauna. Nobody wears bbs lolita top galleries
clothes at
their houses just like us, so we were naked. As we sat there getting all
sweaty, Rex started to get hard. I just sat there and watched. I thought he
and Rusty had dozed off, but Rusty had his hands in his lap and I couldn't
see if he was getting hard, too. Anyway, eventually we were all hard.""You mean they saw you hard, too?""Sure, why not. We even played with ourselves."By this time, Jack's penis was as hard as a rock young lolita teen amateur and throbbing strongly as
it stuck out from his lap unhindered. Seeing Jackie's hands moving over her
chest, he moved his hand to his crotch and began tickling his nuts,
wondering if she could tell what he was doing."Have you ever done anything like that with any of your friends?"Judy hesitated for a moment before she answered. She hadn't intended for
the conversation to go this far, but she wanted to tell somebody and he was
the only one she could talk to about something like this."Yeah, Jessie and I have done it together. The first time, I saw her
playing with herself in the tub so I talked her into showing me how to do
what she was doing. Then we did it together."The excitement was becoming overwhelming and Judy didn't seem to know what
she was going to say next or where to stop."Jessie told me she even saw mom playing with herself once. And I know mom
saw her doing it at least once.""How do you know that?" Jack asked, surprise evident in his tone of voice.
He began stroking lolita young incest tgp his erection, not even thinking that Judy might be able
to tell what he was doing."Jessie told me. She trimmed mom's pubic hair one time and afterwards she
watched through a crack in the door while mom masturbated. She must have
gotten turned on by Jessie's hands in her crotch. Then mom told Jessie she
had accidently seen her doing it a couple of times. Have you ever seen your
dad with a hardon?" Judy asked.Remembering his private experiences with John, Jack continued to move his
hand up and down on his penis."No, I never have," he said, wondering where this conversation was going.
But Judy's next comment really surprised him. Not just what she said but
that she even said it."I've seen my dad hard. Not my first dad, but John.""No kidding?" Jack exclaimed in surprise. "How? Where?""It was an accident, and I don't think he ever found out. I came over to
invite him to lunch one Saturday and he had just finished his shower. This
was after we had all started spending time together without our clothes on,
so I didn't think anything about it when I walked into the bedroom and saw
his bathroom door open and heard his hair dryer going. But as I got further
into the room, I could see him in the mirror. He was using the hair dryer
to dry his pubic hair and his penis was stiff. It looked really big, and he
was sort of rubbing it back and forth a little bit. When I saw that I got
out of there as fast as I could. I went back to the kitchen and started
hollering like I was looking for him. By the time I got to the bedroom, his
bathroom door was shut, so I just talked to him through the door."Throughout her story, Jack had been stroking his prick. Like her, his
excitement had gotten the better of him and he almost told her what he had
vowed he would never tell anybody."I've seen Uncle John with a hardon, too. Jessie and I have something in
common, I guess. She and your mom have seen each other masturbate and John
and I have, too. I was playing with myself in his bathtub one night and
didn't see him standing in the doorway. I didn't know he was there until
it was all over. Then on another night, he was in the shower and didn't
hear me open his bedroom door. He hadn't closed the bathroom door, so when
I walked in, I could see his reflection in the mirror. I watched until he
was finished. I thought it was the most powerful thing I'd ever seen. I
hope mine looks like his when I'm older."Judy was quiet for several minutes. As Jack had been telling her his story,
she had seen his hand moving in his lap. She could see only a blurred
image, but it looked like he was doing the same thing she had seen John
doing. She had even begun stroking her clitoris with her fingers.Hesitantly she whispered, "Jack, are you playing with yourself?"Jack immediately stopped his hand movements but didn't let go of his penis.
"Uh, yeah, sort of," he answered, also in a whisper."I can sort of see your hand moving in your lap.""I can see too, you know.""Then you're hard aren't you?""You bet I am."After a brief pause, Jack heard Judy ask hesitantly, "could I see it?"It had been a long time since he and Jackie and Jessie had played with each
other. No other girls had ever seen him with a hardon. With only a brief
pause, he said, "Yeah, I guess so. If you really want to."And he watched as Judy began to push the sliding shower door aside. As soon
as her head came into view, he could tell she was looking at him. When the
door was fully open, she said, "stand up so I can see it good."Jack stood and faced the bathtub, his penis throbbing incessantly, his nuts
tight against his groin. He watched as Judy stared at his crotch, her
hands squeezing her boobs."Wow!" she whispered. "That's awesome. I never imagined it would look so
cool. Your nuts are really up tight, aren't they?""Yeah," was all Jack could say. He wanted to touch himself so bad he could
hardly stand it. With all self control gone, Judy slid her right hand back
to her crotch and left her other hand where it was on her chest."Would you play with it for me, Jack? I want to see how boys do it."Since Judy was already playing with herself, Jack didn't have to be asked
twice. His hand moved up and he wrapped his fingers around his penis,
immediately beginning to stroke himself back and forth. The two youngsters
were lost to the fervor of their sexual desires as they watched each other
play with themselves. Just as she felt her climax approaching, Judy saw
Jack's knees buckle as he leaned against the side of the tub."Are you going to cum, Jack?" she asked in a whisper."Yeah," he said softly as his hand moved faster on his penis."O God, I can't believe this is happening. I'm cuming too!"Then, Judy's orgasm was upon her as she watched Jack's cum begin to spurt
from the end of his penis and fall into the tub and onto her upper
body. Judy thought she had just seen the most wonderful thing in the
world. She sank back into the tub, her eyes locked on his penis where cum
was still dripping into the tub."I can't believe we just did that," she said as she watched Jack's hand
slide off the end of his dick, carrying some leftover cum with it. As she
rubbed his cum around on her breasts, testing the feel of it with her
fingers, she said, "that was about the most exciting thing I've ever
seen. A lot better than watching Jessie cum. This stuff is really slippery
isn't it?""I sure never expected you to ask, but now I'm glad you did. That was the
greatest. I'm glad you wanted to see me hard, and it was just as much fun
to watch you play with yourself as it was to have you watching me."Jack hurried to clean himself up and get out of there. All he could think
of was getting soft before John and Terri came out of the bedroom and not
leaking cum spots on anything. He could hardly believe what he and Judy had
just done, and he wondered if they would each end up telling their sisters
about this experience.
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